The Church

The wedding took place on Saturday 13th September, 2003 at the lovely St. Marys Church in Lutterworth, Leciestershire. Built over 800 years ago, it's most famous for its former rector John Wycliffe, who first translated the bible to English in the 14th century.

The Wedding

The groom and best man, before the wedding.
Important pre-wedding hair care.
It's nearly time.
The bride and her father walk down the aisle.
The bride and groom exchange rings and vows.
Rev. Earl leads prayers for the couple.
Just married!
Clearly a tiring day for some.
Matthew's parents.
Matthew and Sarah's parents.
Sarah's parents
Sarah and her bridesmaids.
Matthew, Sarah, best man Tim, and bridesmaids Hannah and Lucie.
Matthew's security keeping him safe from harm.
The ushers.
Tim has a bit of a rest.
Sarah's turn for a lie down.
Leaving the church.
Confetti, the essential ingredient for a messy wedding.

The Reception

The couple cut the cake.
The first dance.
Matthew's father flaunts his dancing skills.
Matthew shows off his wedding ring.
Sarah shows off her wedding ring.


The full collections of photographs that are available online are: Ben Darren Terry Giles

Thanks to Sophie, Darren, Terry and Giles for allowing me to use their photographs for this site.

Finally, Congratulations and thanks to Matthew and Sarah Slowe - it was a wonderful day to be a part of.